That’s fairly Pinteresting

It’s not all about Facebook and Twitter anymore folks. Throughout my online travels I have come across all sorts of different ways of showing the world those things we find most interesting. One of the most fascinating ones was the site that offered to turn your Twitter posts (‘tweets’) into rolls of toilet paper. You can probably guess the name of that service.

One site that is much more useful is an up-and-comer called Pinterest. I often tell people that social media is a very visual medium; Pinterest takes this to a whole new level.

Think of it as a twenty-first century online scrapbook. Members ‘pin’ images to a ‘Board’, and other members can ‘like’ them, leave comments and share them with their followers.  The pictures can also serve as links to other websites.

So what on earth does this have to do with real estate, I hear you ask? Well, I am hereby making a bold prediction: if used correctly, Pinterest and similar websites will one day become a hugely useful tool for real estate photographers, agents, and ultimately the buying and selling public.

It’s been done before. Facebook started out as a tool to assist Harvard students who were short of ways to procrastinate. A few years on, as the Facebook phenomenon expanded worldwide, it became a way for businesses to build lasting relationships with new and existing customers and, in turn, build their brands and increase their sales.

Pinterest has the potential to do the same, possibly faster. Currently it has between 11-13 million members (depending on who you ask), and was one of the fastest sites ever to exceed ten million monthly visitors. And it’s different enough from the big two so that you can use all three and not feel like you’re saying the same old stuff to the same people. Indeed, around 65 percent of Pinterest members are women, and they drive 85 percent of the website’s traffic.

But here’s the biggie. A recent survey showed that 21 percent of members had bought something they had seen on Pinterest. That is huge, but comes with a caveat. These are mostly products like clothing and arts and crafts. As the site grows, and the fan base diversifies, this figure will come down – but the sales figure for larger goods will go up.

Expect one of those products to be property. Pinterest is extremely visual – and so, of course, is real estate. It’s a match made in heaven.

A Pinterest pioneer of our own is Richard Ellender, a Melbourne-based Open2view photographer. One of his strengths is twilight photography, and if you check out his page you’ll see why. His photos look pretty awesome. If, as a Pinterest member, you agree, you can leave Richard a comment, click on the photo to see the listing on our website, and of course share it with others who might be looking for their dream home.

Pinterest is easy, it’s visual, and therefore it’s good fun. It’s exactly what social media is meant to be; and anything that makes house buying and selling that much more enjoyable will be welcomed by the public with open arms.

What do you think – is Pinterest where the future lies, or is my prediction destined to be printed off for loo paper? Place your bets below!

3 thoughts on “That’s fairly Pinteresting

  1. I think you are onto something, totally agree that there is a synergy between Real Estate & Pinterest. Key will be to drive people there probably would have liked more photos of the actual house in the example shown as this is what would interest me photo of every bedroom, back yard, driveway, lounge etc…

    • Thank you for your comment Josko – and quite agree with your assessment. Photographers take some great photos and it takes just one especially eye-catching one to grab people’s attention. The question is which will work better – ‘functional’ photos (primarily advertising a house for sale) or unusual/fun photos. It depends ultimately on whether people go to Pinterest mainly as consumers or seeking a distraction. Will be interesting to see how it grows…

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