Real estate videos, or ‘Totally unhidden candid home videos caught on camera’

Being relatively new to the worlds of real estate and photography, I have yet to come across a better source of information than the Photography for Real Estate blog. Why, the very title itself makes me drool at the thought of someone else doing the hard work for me. Don’t be surprised to see a few links to Larry Lohrman’s work here; his many years of experience makes him an absolute fountain of knowledge.

Not only that, he also causes me to ask plenty of questions of my own. Case in point – every Friday, Larry likes to post real estate videos from around the world. Watching a number of these got me wondering: when it comes to videos, what works and what doesn’t?

Watch enough of them and it becomes clear that, as with most things on this wacky planet, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Personal preference rules the roost. Some like videos without dialogue and set to mood enhancing background music. Others enjoy the narrated tours, or having the agent on camera talking us through. Many people prefer short videos – say, one to two minutes – while others are happy to spend five to ten minutes looking through a house via YouTube. An attractive option considering the wicked frost this morning.

Here is something we know for sure: high definition video, as Open2view provides, has a bright future. As Larry said last month, “I just noticed that in the last 7 days there have been roughly 32,800 YouTube videos that have the search string “real estate video”. I’m slowly coming to the realization that YouTube video may very well be the most significant development in real estate marketing since the invention of the big news print MLS book of the 1980′s.”

Open2view is passionate about presenting homes in their best possible light. If a house doesn’t stand out online, after all, why would anyone bother checking it out in person? Our videos make you feel as if you’re already there inside having a look around. It’s this warm, vicarious experience that gets our customers hooked.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what style works for you. Do you prefer short or longer videos? Do you want to see the agent onscreen or would you rather let the images do the talking? Do you find music distracting or does it add to the experience?

Here are some videos to get your brain juices flowing. Let’s start, of course, with one of ours. Alex Porteous from Papamoa made this one just last week. Alex’s videos are short yet thorough – all killer, no filler.

Here’s an example of humour that, for me, frankly, falls a little flat. If it was my house in the video I’d be even less impressed. I’d be keen to know if you have a different view.

This, for me, works much better. What do you think of the deadpan delivery style of Paul Wilander as he presents this ‘Dome House’? It’s worth noting that the house owner shaved his head especially for this video. Talk about going above and beyond!

And finally – I would be remiss if I didn’t include this guy. Chris Gilmour is possibly the most eccentric real estate agent in Australia. He is also one of the very best. In this clip, Chris advertises a house while someone sprays him with a hose. As you do.

There are plenty of other styles of videos that I’ll cover in future editions. For now, put your film critic hats on and give us your opinions. Five stars, or two thumbs down? Let us know below or on our Facebook page!

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