Images are everything: why you should hire a professional to photograph your house

Mandy is a recent divorcee who has decided to explore the world of internet dating. A little while ago she asked herself the question: exactly how important are looks?

Ultimately she concluded that, to her, looks matter. They don’t have to be the best looking guy on the market – but they had to be well-presented and attractive to her. Photos that present the person with “their best foot forward” stand out from the pack. “If need be,” says Mandy, “hire a photographer”.

Just like in dating, first impressions in real estate can mean the difference between closing the deal and rejection. The importance of great photos to this process cannot be overstated.

A New York Times article from 2007 summed it up: “the pictures buyers see of houses and apartments for sale are often the first – and sometimes the only – chance for sellers to make a good impression. Less-than-flattering pictures can turn buyers off and lead to lonely open houses.” And no one likes to be stood up.

People are increasingly looking online not just for someone to love, but somewhere to live.  According to the 2009 Neilsen Annual Real Estate Market Survey, 78% of respondents used a specialist real estate website when searching for properties. Just 46% read a property magazine and 31% browsed the newspaper. Significantly, a whopping 95% want comprehensive data on listings, including price, address and – yes indeed – a large selection of images.

Poor images can obscure what might just be the perfect house. Sorry – but inner beauty goes ignored if there’s been no effort put into presentation. You might have a lovely personality, but it sure pays to at least have a shower and fix your hair before a date. A great house, poorly presented, will languish in anonymity. It’s important, therefore, to ensure it stands out from the crowd from the start.

As a vendor or agent, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. Fortunately you don’t have to worry: Open2view has plenty of professional photographers who can help you showcase your house in all its glory!

The reasons to go pro are numerous. A professional photographer already has the expensive equipment required to do the job. They know what angles to take the photos from and which is the house’s best side. They know the importance of good lighting and how to get it just right. No one does a beautiful twilight shot better than our guys.

And perhaps most importantly, they know their job doesn’t end right after the shoot. A little post-production work goes a long way to ensuring your portfolio exudes style and confidence – very attractive traits in a house.

Of course your feelings toward your house may be less about love than money. Spending a couple of hundred on quality professional photos can increase the house’s value by that amount many times over. A 2010 analysis, by Seattle-based Redfin Corp, showed houses with professional-standard photos could gain thousands above the asking price when compared to houses with photos of the ‘point and click’ variety.

And hey, if none of that convinced you – perhaps these will:

bad real estate front

bad real estate photo - guy

bad real estate bbq

We would love to read your opinion. Do you judge solely on first impressions? Would you take Mandy’s advice and hire a professional photographer? Please keep your comments related to real estate – we make lousy agony aunts!

10 thoughts on “Images are everything: why you should hire a professional to photograph your house

  1. These photos surely would put anyone of lookking at a house..especially the one with the guy still in bed…..when i go to look at a property first impressions do count i am afraid…so NO SALE TO THE OWNERS OF THESE HOUSES

  2. Thanks for your comment Jude – totally agree. I’m not sure what the photographers were thinking with any of these shots – though they are amusing to look at! Needless to say they’re not Open2view photographers 🙂

  3. I sort of agree. I feel like hiring a professional photographer is something that a lot of landlords could benefit from. (Definitely the ones who photographs you included.)

    Though I also do feel that if a landlord has an okay camera, that they can make it work themselves. Just keeping the place tidy and clean for photographs helps so much. (I can’t understand why anyone would advertise a unit with pictures of unmade beds and dirty dishes in the sink.)

    Anyways – that’s my two cents! I’ve used a pro before and the pictures definitely looked better, but I didn’t really notice an increase in applicants. Maybe you’d get some better tenants though? Who knows! It was a great post either way! Thanks!

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  5. Thanks for your comment and kind words Stew. You’re right that decluttering and cleaning up can make a world of difference. We don’t really do rentals, but it would be interesting to see if better photos = better tenants. Thanks for giving us something to think about!

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  8. “Images are everything: why you should hire a professional to
    photograph your house | Open2view” was in fact a wonderful posting.

    If perhaps it had more photos this would most likely be possibly
    even a lot better. Cya -Julianne

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