Open2view on The Block

Hands up who has been watching The Block NZ? Good, now put your hands down because this is a blog and we can’t see you.

The Block NZ is the kiwi version of the popular renovation-reality series. Four couples compete over nine weeks to fix a run down house in an upmarket suburb – in this case, 74-80 Anzac Street in lovely Takapuna. The houses are smashed up, fixed up, and then auctioned off in a special live episode. The winners are the couple whose house scores the highest price over reserve.

According to the ratings a huge number of people knew all of that already. Last Wednesday The Block NZ was viewed by an audience of 414,990, making it the third most watched show that evening.

The social media universe lights up every Wednesday and Thursday with comments and debate over who’s doing the best job and who deserves to win. Is it quirky engaged couple Rachel and Tyson? Teen sweethearts Ginny and Rhys? Super-creative siblings Libby and Ben? Or perhaps sporty DIYers Sarah and Richard?

One thing we do know for sure: you really can’t have a real estate show without Open2view.

Real estate photography is serious business. Here’s Open2view’s David Deane inside one of The Block houses.

We were very pleased to have been contracted by Bayleys to take the photos for all four houses – and because we’re nice guys, we’ve given all the houses the ‘Featured Property’ treatment.  You can check out the houses now on our website:

Rachel & Tyson – 74 Anzac St

Sarah & Richard – 76 Anzac St

Libby & Ben – 78 Anzac St

Ginny & Rhys – 80 Anzac St

Keep checking these links as the series continues and more photos become available – this is a spoiler free zone!

TV3 has also announced the dates for The Block open homes. Thousands of people, from potential buyers to the plain curious, are expected to walk through the properties on 25 August and 1 September. The contestants will no doubt be praying for a sunny, mud-free day.

For those of you who can’t make it, the Open2view experience is the next best thing to being there. We don’t just take photos; The Block houses all have walkthroughs tours and interactive floor plans, providing a unique and user-friendly perspective of each house.

The beauty of all this is you don’t have to be a reality TV star to get such treatment. These, along with our twilight shots, elevated pole photography and videos, are services we provide to everyone for a competitive price. On top of all that, we then list your house on our own, very popular, website.

If you’re thinking of selling, check out our services site and tell your agent why you want one of our professionals on the job. You may also want to remind them that throughout August and September we are offering half price pole photography in participating areas.

You may not have the benefits of 400,000 people checking out your house on telly every week, but we will make your house look like a star, and we’ll get it seen.

All the contestants’ houses will be auctioned off live on TV3 on 6 September. Good luck to all. Like much of the country, we’ll be watching closely!

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