Quite revolutionary: How QR codes can make real estate real simple

The Guinness Book of World Records contains all sorts of crazy feats, of which many were likely thought up after consuming something stronger than a few dry stouts.

This record, however, might be right up there with the craziest:

World's largest QR code

The Kraay family of Canada, bored with making crop circles, decided to turn one of their maize mazes into the world’s largest Quick Response code. This laborious labyrinth measures 29,000 metres (1.1 square miles) and when scanned – from an aircraft, naturally – takes the smartphone user to the Kraay family farm website.

At that point, it is probably easier just to memorise the website and type it in manually. But what if you’re heading down some street one day and see a house for sale that you really want to get to know better?

That’s where Open2view comes in. Back in 2009 we became one of the very first Kiwi businesses to utilise QR codes in our marketing.

So how do QR codes work? Well, let’s say you’re driving along one sunny afternoon and you spy this house for sale:

Open2view.com NZ property

You decide you absolutely must find out more about it. With any luck, the agent has placed one of these very easy to create QR codes on the signboard:

Open2view QR code

Whereas previously you’d have to scribble down the address, price, and the agent’s name and number – or memorise them until you reached your computer – you can now instead just pull over, wind down your window and scan the code with your smartphone’s QR reader.

You will then be taken straight to a mobile-friendly version of the property listing. Now you are given several options, including

  • Viewing more photos
  • Calling or emailing the agent
  • Seeing the house on a map
  • Emailing the link to yourself – so once you’ve finished your Sunday drive you can go directly to the computer-friendly version of the house (complete with plenty of full-screen images, might we add.)

QR code Open2view email

Everything you need to know about the house is right there on your phone, and the press of one button will put you in touch with the agent.

With smartphones becoming crazy popular you can expect to see these funny-looking codes pop up more and more in business, politics and social awareness campaigns.

Of course Open2view, as the real estate innovators, used them long before they were cool. Possibly our favourite use of them however, other than for real estate or gigantic corn mazes, was this campaign by the Pet Shop Boys against the British Government’s National ID card scheme. The below video clip is full of QR codes that take you to various websites critical of the law. We reserve judgement on the issue itself, but we do declare the QR campaign itself to be most awesome.

Mind you, none of this info is much use if you don’t have a QR reader on your smartphone. To download one, simply go to o2v.mobi on your phone and follow the instructions.

Do you reckon QR codes are here to stay? Have you found ours useful when house hunting? Is this the coolest the Pet Shop Boys have been since partnering with Dusty Springfield? Write us a quick response below or on our Facebook page – we’d love to read your thoughts.

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