Call in the professionals: the rise, and rise, of real estate photography

Summer holiday

The Open2view team on our Summer Holiday.

Happy New Year everyone! We trust you managed to catch up with loved ones and found your way to a pool or beach somewhere. It’s been a hot start to the year and the weather forecasters are picking more of the same until the end of February. And if a weather forecaster says it, well, it must be true.

At Open2view we love sunshine. Natural light is the photographer’s friend (although not necessarily this author’s). It seems we won’t be doing much swimming for a while – field reports suggest home sellers are keeping our photographers very busy for this time of year.

This we don’t mind at all. It means the property market’s vibrant, and more agents and vendors are recognising the importance of professional real estate photography. Also, someone has to keep our team out of mischief.

Professional real estate photos are growing in popularity for good reason. Last year we published a post entitled ‘Images are everything: why you should hire a professional to photograph your home’. It is definitely, in the author’s humble opinion, worth a read.

Long story short: online property hunting is a lot like Internet dating. If your photos don’t stand out – or they stand out for the wrong reasons – expect to stay on the market far longer than you should, while those other jerk houses get snapped up by some rich bachelor/ettes with fancy job titles.

Open2view Interior photo #281368

The best real estate photos welcome you in and around the home, and allow you to envision your life there. They really are just one step below physically visiting the house.


Let’s labour this metaphor some more. Let’s say that, pressed for time, you’re presented with a lineup of prospective homes/partners to choose from. In both cases, those with the best photos get the most attention. The ones with no photos are the last looked at, if at all. The ones with poor quality photos? They’d get plenty of attention… had the lineup been a police one.

An excellent article with a to-the-point title (‘Photos of your home matter in real estate’) appeared on last month. It made an assertion every home seller should take heed of:

“Imagine the photo shoots retailers and catalog companies do to showcase their products. Would they release a catalog with photos of stained living room furniture or with improper lighting? Of course not — and neither should a seller. A home is a product for sale, just like any other, and should be marketed as such.”

And proper marketing of an in-demand product equals higher profit. Studies show that houses with professional photographs can fetch thousands more than those taken with your garden-variety point and shoot camera.

Open2view sold #282447

From our sold collection – not a million dollar dream, but plenty of charm and a great first home. Professional photos ensure your home’s character, and potential, shine through.


Just the other day HQ received a testimonial from a customer that tied all these points together in a neat little package. Matt from Auckland attributes Open2view’s “good staging and great photos”, as taken by Mike Taylor, for helping to sell his house in just five days and for $20,000 above the asking price.

He went on to say:

“In addition to being extremely easy to deal with, fitting our job in very quickly, with little lead time, and turning up exactly when you said you would, the best part was your photos were absolutely fantastic… The fact you used a variety of photographic methods (special remote flash units etc.) to ensure the place looked its best made all the difference.

“I would fully recommend you to other people wanting top-notch professional photos of their house taken for sale.”

Thank you, Matt – it’s this kind of feedback that makes our day. His story reflects what more people are recognising: professional photos, and marketing, can greatly assist in selling your house faster and for a higher price.

If you’re looking to sell your home, don’t you worry – though we may be busier than usual, we will never be too busy for you. So when those prospective real estate agents start fighting for your custom, be sure to choose someone who understands the pulling power of professional photography.

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