So what’s the deal with our smoke alarm giveaway?

burning house

Hello there. Just thought we’d tell you a little bit about our fire safety promotion; specifically why we’re doing it and why we’ve chosen Cavius smoke detectors as prizes.

Didn’t know we were running a giveaway and you’d like to enter? If you’re reading this before 12 April and live in New Zealand, just head to the Open2view Facebook page, click on the ‘Win with Cavius’ app and follow the instructions. If you’re reading this afterwards, sorry – but check out our page anyway because it’s plenty interesting.

We enjoy giving away stuff to those who like us. But why, in this instance, have we chosen this particular prize?

Cavius smoke alarm in hand

Our primary business is real estate photography. This means we get to photograph and film thousands of homes up for sale every year. Home safety, therefore, is at the forefront of our collective mind.

Here’s some scary facts for you: every year the New Zealand Fire Service attends more than 3500 residential fires. Of these, over 80 percent of homes either had no smoke alarms fitted, or they weren’t working.

That? Is just staggering.

So over the next few weeks we’re going to do something about it – by sharing some fire safety tips, and by giving away some of these cool little smoke detectors.

Now, what’s so great about these particular ones?

First of all they just so happen to be the smallest in the world. They measure a tiny 41mm high and 49mm in diameter. They’re smaller than a field mouse and they only squeak when it’s really serious.

cavius dimensions

You design or arrange your room to be as attractive as possible, only to have to put up a large eyesore of a smoke alarm on the ceiling. Frustrating, right? Cavius smoke detectors are much more aesthetically pleasing than their standard larger counterparts so you can put one up and forget you even have an alarm for the next five years.

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing: these detectors’ batteries last five whole years before they need replacing. That’s far, far longer than your average alarm. When the batteries do start getting weak, they’ll alert you 30 days before dying.

Smoke alarms are the opposite of children: they should be heard but not seen. Like newborn babies, however, these alarms are tiny but very loud. At 85 decibels from a distance of three metres there’s no chance of sleeping through anything when one of these go off. Again, just like a newborn.

Finally, Cavius’ photoelectric detectors are much less likely to give off false alarms. If cooking dinner or having a shower causes your regular, ionisation smoke alarms to start beeping, you’re more likely to want to remove the batteries and leave them out. Not so great if the pan catches alight or the shower starts spraying fire.

Photoelectric alarms, like the ones we’re giving away, are activated by smoke entering the alarm’s sensing chamber and changing the electrical balance.  They are consistently better at detecting smoldering fires than their ionisation counterparts. These types of fires can kill before the flames even start flaming. In layman’s terms, they trigger fewer false alarms and are more responsive to real fires.

The New Zealand Fire Service recommends people install photoelectric fire alarms in every bedroom, living area and hallway in your house. Through our giveaway, we’re getting 40 of you started.

We already received some interesting messages via Facebook about the importance of fire safety. This one from Bex Dixon particularly stood out:

The last four rental properties we have lived in didn’t have smoke alarms so we have purchased some for each property and left them when moving out. A shame that landlords don’t seem to care enough to fit them!

A dreadful shame – and a great gesture from Bex that could potentially save lives.

We also received this comment from Trish Monk:

Our hall heater caught fire nearly 2 years ago mid winter. Turns out our then 18 month old posted a pen through the wide slots. Plastic melted… fire started slowly. Smoke alarm went off. Thankful as heater was in hallway on wall outside our son’s room.

We replaced it that day with a newer style panel heater. Old one was binned. Smoke alarms DO save lives.

They sure do – and we encourage you to not only enter our competition, but to install some Cavius smoke detectors in your homes – and check out our next few blogs for some fire safety tips.

Do you have a similar anecdote? Feel free to share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Or drop us a line if you’d wish to share but would rather remain anonymous.

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