Fundraising for CanTeen: Why this might be the most valuable house we’ve photographed

Here’s a fundraiser we can well and truly get behind.

018 - Open2view ID289686 - 25 Oakwood Way

Cambridge Homes has built a property at 25 Oakwood Way, Papamoa with all profits from the auction to be donated to CanTeen New Zealand.

For those unaware, CanTeen is a charity that provides support to young New Zealanders aged 13-24 who are living with cancer as a patient, sibling or bereaved sibling.

CanTeen runs a range of programmes including camps, art workshops and regional and national programmes which support, develop and empower their members  to positively deal with grief as well as communicate their thoughts and feelings. They also provide palliative and funeral grants to families of those with terminal cancer.

The support they provide is immeasurable. Their funds, on the other hand, are finite. CanTeen doesn’t receive any direct government funding, so they rely heavily on the support from the public as well as their own fundraising efforts.

005 - Open2view ID289686 - 25 Oakwood Way

Cambridge Homes decided to do something to help. And what better way to fundraise than by doing what they do best – build a house.

It’s a lovely house too. This three bedroom, two bathroom brick home is bright and roomy, close to Papamoa College and just a few blocks from the beach.

016 - Open2view ID289686 - 25 Oakwood Way

That painting on the wall? It was created by Cambridge Homes’ Brian Schlegel’s daughter and depicts “new life”. Having lost a friend to cancer several years ago, says Brian, his daughter was determined to do what she could to help. This beautiful art piece is to be auctioned on the same day as the house.

We here at Open2view were very happy to do what we could to assist. Our man on the ground there, Alex Porteous, shot all the real estate photos and video for free.

019 - Open2view ID289686 - 25 Oakwood Way

We are also doing our best to spread the word around and generate as much interest in the auction as possible. You can help too by sharing the below video, and this link to the property, with friends and family.

The auction will be held on site at 1pm this Friday, 3 May. Here’s to a great turnout – it could be the most valuable house you ever bought.

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