Guest post: Scott Hargis’ real estate photography workshop

Scott Hargis

Scott Hargis, as viewed from the third floor.

There has been such a buzz and excitement about the new skills learnt from Scott Hargis’ Sunday workshop on photography and lighting, at the recently held Open2view International Conference, that we thought we would share some attendees’ feedback with you:

Craig Purcell (Open2view Melbourne East/Gippsland):

Twelve astute Open2view photographers spent all day Sunday the 1st of June, some with headaches after the awards night held on Saturday.

Scott and his flashes got the group thinking by utilizing both additive and subtractive lighting techniques in our 3-storey townhouse in Melbourne.

It was a bit of a fitness exercise for Scott running between 3 flights of stairs checking on each group’s progress and making suggestions of where or how many flash heads to place here or there.

Scott was a great communicator, with the group ever on the alert to siphon his brain for that extra piece of advice.

Scott Hargis camera

Lights, camera, Scott in action.

Maarten Grabandt (Open2view Melbourne North):

What a guy, Scott Hargis: a master of his craft, and generously sharing his knowledge!

His Sunday workshop was relaxed and friendly, he had time for everyone and their questions, and above all else, he was sure to make our learning not only informative, but fun too!

I am now only using off-camera flash (determined to make my new learning from Scott work for me!).

Jonas Haag (Open2view Southern Tasmania):

During the Open2view conference in Melbourne I was lucky enough to spend some time with Scott while undertaking his workshop and picking his brain over drinks and sharing a few life stories.

Learning from Scott was ridiculously easy; he explains things in a concise way that immediately sink in. I am generally a compulsive note taker, as I like to have reference points to look back on several months down the track but somehow ended up with only a few written notes and a couple of recordings.

I didn’t make any of his lectures as they clashed with the video workshops but from speaking to those who did, they all gave him rave reviews and I think everyone was inspired to try some new things; I’ve seen a whole lot more one-points and verticals show up on Open2view since the conference.

I highly recommend the video series he has on his website, it’s really well thought out and easy to follow.

Another tip I took away from his workshop: Don’t always think about adding light, sometime you need to do some subtractive lighting and then relight the scene.

Scott Hargis and Open2view

Scott and the Open2view team on a well-earned (that’s our story and we’re sticking to it) dinner break.

Cathy Johnson (Open2view East Gippsland):

The workshop was fantastic and Scott was very approachable and generous with his knowledge.

It not only gave me good info about lighting a shoot, but also made me very aware of the ambient light and the direction that comes from, making the shot more natural looking.

Thank you for the day, it was great.

Indeed. And a big thank you to Scott from everyone here at Open2view – your seminars and workshops were fantastic and gave us plenty to think about!

You can read Scott’s account of his time at our conference here.

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