Private Viewing: a brand new service from Open2view

505 Rosebank private setting

Have I ever told you guys about our tech team?

Open2view has its own team of IT experts who keep our worldwide network of websites running smoothly. When they’re not doing that, they’re coming up with new and exciting innovations that give our clients the extra edge when selling real estate.

Last week saw their latest invention come to fruition.

For those house sellers who want to keep some confidentiality around the process, we proudly present Private Viewing.

Who’s it for?

Private Viewing is for those real estate agents with sensitive clients who wish to maintain control over who can, and who cannot, see their listing.

Not everybody wants their house sale opened up to the wider public. Others may want just select people to initially see the listing before the public gets a look.

For these cases, we’ve built a number of functions that restricts who can see the property, while allowing the agent and vendor full access to our wide range of services – professional photography, virtual tours, videos, floorplans, the works.

There are others who will find it useful too:

  • Agents with internationally based clients or buyers,
  • Those who wish to run exclusive viewings before the listing goes to the wider market,
  • And any other scenario you can think of. You could use it as somewhere to host content that can’t just be emailed; our hi res photos are pretty huge after all.

The private setting can be switched off at any time – or you could set a specific time for it to expire – giving agents and sellers more flexibility in their marketing.

Invitation required appearance

What are the settings?

Speaking of flexibility, agents and sellers have three options:

  • Password required – where the property is viewable only by those in possession of the password. Self-explanatory really.
  • Valid email required – where buyers need to supply a valid email address in order to view the property. Weeds out any naughty spammers or those not serious about buying.
  • Agent permission required – where the agent sends out an email link to potential buyers to view the listing.

How does it work?

Good question! I’ve tried looking at what it is the tech team does but it’s all a completely different language to me. So let’s just say ‘magic’. End result is, the agent and vendor get to decide who sees the listing and it never shows up in any search results – not on Open2view, not Google, not anywhere.

Are you an agent who’s interesting in Private Viewing? Get in touch with your local Open2view photographer and they’ll be able to help you use it. If you’re a home seller who might be interested in this feature for your property, make sure you mention it to your agent. If they don’t use Open2view, you’re missing out.

For more information check out this newsletter we sent out to agents last week. We also included another feature in there that agents will find most useful in marketing themselves.

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