Real estate video is the future – and the future is here

Sony video ad 1967

After 99 blog posts, one tends to forget a few things. For instance, it recently occurred to me that it’s been a while since we’ve discussed real estate video. Last time was in May 2012, in fact:

Here is something we know for sure: high definition video, as Open2view provides, has a bright future. As Larry said last month, “I just noticed that in the last 7 days there have been roughly 32,800 YouTube videos that have the search string “real estate video”. I’m slowly coming to the realization that YouTube video may very well be the most significant development in real estate marketing since the invention of the big news print MLS book of the 1980′s.”

Larry, for those who don’t know, is the mastermind behind Photography for Real Estate – a website every real estate photographer (heck, agent too) oughta be familiar with.

Fifteen years ago professional real estate photos were a novelty. Today it’s a necessity – and it’s HD professional videos that find themselves the new(ish) kid on the block. It will be far fewer than 15 years before real estate videos are the norm.

Good photos will always be crucial, but video adds that extra dimension that no listing, soon enough, will want to be without.

Since I quoted Larry 15 months ago, a lot has happened with video at Open2view:

We now have video on the New Zealand homepage. More and more of us are making HD videos for our agents. We’ve now got videographers in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Wellington, Nelson, and Canterbury. And they’re good, very good. Scroll about halfway down our homepage for a gallery of our most recent videos.

We have a YouTube page. Earlier this year, YouTube passed one billion unique monthly users. Between them, these users watch more than six billion hours of video every month – and with 100 hours of video uploaded each minute, they’ll run out of breaths long before they’re out of stuff to watch.

It’d be foolish to ignore all these stats so we’ve joined in – and you can subscribe to our channel here. We have also created special playlists organised by region; if you’re house hunting in Waikato, for instance, you can select the appropriate playlist to see what’s available. And we’ve linked our YouTube channel to Facebook so you can check us out while you’re there too.

Open2view on YouTube

For the Aussies in the audience, we have channels in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland among many others – search ‘Open2view’ to catch ‘em all.

We are making agent profile videos. The principles that make property videos so important apply just as much to the agents themselves. Agents need to sell themselves to vendors before they can sell their houses to buyers. This is where we can help.

Check out two examples of what we can do for agents below. As you’ll see they’re quite different – what suits one agent doesn’t always work for another. Agents are unique, just like the rest of us. Let our team share your personality with the house-selling public today.


For more info on our video service check out our Services website.

Open2view turns 100! Sorta. (Not really.)

This here marks the Open2view blog’s 100th post. Being as well-behaved a boy as I am a prolific author, I’ve eaten no cake and I’ve resisted the 200 or so canisters of M&Ms in the office (nominate a mate to win some today!). No sir, writing this blog is reward enough.

While it’s centred around real estate photography, regular readers will know that I’ve gone on some mighty big tangents along the way. We’re a diverse team, with many interests, and if all we talked about every single week was REP, this blog would soon RIP.

Photography is more than a job for us – it’s a passion. Take Matthew Lowe, for instance. If he didn’t love what he did he would never have made time to take 2700 photos, over four hours, and create this stunning timelapse of last week’s White Island eruption:

Having said that – if you never read any other post of ours, this one explains why what Open2view does is so important to agents, home sellers and buyers, and for the real estate industry as a whole.

To those who have made it this far, a big thank you. Here’s to another 100 posts about us, about you, and goodness knows what else…

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