Ten gorgeous swimming pools to spend your summer in

Our friends at realestate.com.au recently had a look at what search terms were most popular on their site. Lo and behold – even though it’s winter (and will be for another agonising 48 hours), the most popular keyword with house hunters was “pool”.

Could it be that Aussies have fallen head over heels for 8 balls and cue tips? Not really, it’s more about our love for cold water on scorching hot days.

Queenslanders, according to Catherine Cashmore of National Property Buyers, would never consider buying a house without a swimming pool. While Melbournians are less fussed, with summer months getting longer and warmer pools are fast becoming more popular.

And why not? They’re not only the perfect remedy for a heatwave (I originally wrote ‘tonic’ but don’t drink the water, for goodness sakes), but they also look fantastic. At least, the ones on Open2view do. We thought we’d see what came up when typing “pool” into our search engine. Below are ten of the best pools for sale in Australia right now.

Unless you’re reading this in a few months, in which case they’re probably all been sold. Click on any image to start the slideshow.

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