Photos: A day in the life of Open2view

For many folk, Monday means psyching oneself up for a week of desk-based drudgery.

At Open2view, Mondays mean much more than that.

Let’s take our biggest team – the photographers – as an example. It’s hard to photograph a house from your desk; thus their work takes them – and their expensive camera equipment – all over the show. In between they’re taking new jobs, talking to agents or grabbing a bite to eat.

The result of their efforts can be seen in all the thousands of listings on our website.

But what is life like before, in between, and after work?

Last week, at the suggestion of one of our Aussie photographers, I wrote to the team and asked for one thing: a photo showing a little of what their Monday was like for them. I wanted a snapshot of their lives as lived on Monday 2 September.

The response was overwhelming, and I’ve compiled them all here for you to browse through. It’s not a look behind the camera: we’re looking even further beyond that.

These photos quickly showed me that there is no typical Open2viewer. We’re a diverse mix of men and women, urban and rural, with hobbies and quirks that can’t be divided into two contrasting categories.

One thing that unites us, though, is a deep love of photography.

Click on any photo to get the show started. We hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. As you’ll see, no day for us is alike. Not even Mondays.

Special thanks to Les Herbert for the idea and all his help.

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