Auckland Home Show: big, busy and well worth your time

Auckland Home Show logo 2013

A piece of advice: if you can get to the Auckland Home Show during the week, do so. It’s far quieter, you have more room to move and best of all you can have conversations with the stallholders.  Considering the timing of this article, tuck this piece of wisdom away for next year.

But don’t let the crowds stop you from going. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or you’re serious about doing some home work, there’s plenty at the Home Show that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Considering solar power? Sprucing up the garden? Need a new appliance? Want a massage? Looking at buying a pool? A pool table? After something you’ve never heard of but absolutely must have the moment you set eyes on it? Yeah, the Home Show’s got you sorted. With over 500 exhibitors, I feel ok about wheeling out the old “something for everyone” cliché. Heck, one of the insurance companies even has a clown for the kids.

Home Show 2013 Smeg

The Smeg exhibit is always a highlight of the show, and this year is no exception. Photo from the Home Show Facebook page.

Some of our real estate friends are there too. I enjoyed chatting to the teams from Eves, Richardsons and Barfoot & Thompson. All reported a busy show so far (just wait till Saturday) and plenty of interest from prospective sellers and buyers.

My highlights? As an easily amused chap I loved Deebot’s robotic vacuum cleaner. Turn it on in the morning and it’ll clean your house while you’re at work. It’ll even empty itself with dignity. I suspect it’s one upgrade away from changing the locks and reading your diary.

If the gadgets cause overstimulation, take some time out in the Walk of Gardens. The Resort to Zen stand, in particular, was as inspiring as it was soothing. It’s in the same hall as the hammocks and fireplaces – a godsend after the miserable rain.

The outdoor exhibits are worth checking out whatever the weather. I darted like a Beverley Hills ninja from garden shed to car cover to mini home, and in between watched an artist create a gorgeous flower painting in the Brustics hut.

I was there more out of curiosity than anything else and after three hours I still had a whole lot of ground left to cover. It’s lucky the show runs for five days and until 9 at night (6pm on Sunday).

You can plan ahead by going to the Home Show website, combing through their directory and planning where you want to go. Chances are, however, you’ll walk through the door and get sidetracked. Head in early and make a day of it.

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