Terrible real estate photos – and how to avoid them

If you are a fan of real estate photography and haven’t seen this site, then you’re seriously missing out.

sideways Georgia

‘Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs’ is exactly that: a gallery consisting of horrifyingly awful photos taken by real estate agents.

That last detail is important, because it is the end point of a long deliberate process these hapless agents undertook. Let’s take a look, shall we:

  • First, they grabbed their ‘point and shoot’ camera.
  • Next, they consciously took these hideous photos.
  • Then, they uploaded these photos to their computer and selected the photos they wished to use. More likely, they just clicked the ‘select all’ button.
  • Finally, they uploaded these abominations to the online listing, made the property visible to the public, then sat back and waited for the offers to roll in.
  • And bonus unexpected last step – someone finds the photos and submits them to the TREP site so we can all laugh/scratch our heads.

How anybody thought house buyers would see a photo of a filthy toilet and say “OMG sign me up” is beyond us. It’s round about lunchtime that I’m writing this, so out of the goodness of my heart I won’t post that particular photo here.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t find these hilarious. They also serve as a compelling cautionary tale for agents: if you’re serious about professional marketing and selling houses, then get in touch with Open2view.

Below are some of our favourites; share yours in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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