Charity Build: a house built to fight cancer


Build a three bedroom home in four weeks. Can it be done?

It sure can, with the proper motivation – and the people behind the Charity Build have that in spades.

The Professionals Hutt City, the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand, and Placemakers Hutt City have joined forces to build a house from scratch. Currently situated at 43 Seaview Road, Lower Hutt, this house will be auctioned on 30 November, with the proceeds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

It’s no cheap knockoff either; according to the official press release, the house will be “fully carpeted, plumbed, with kitchen and bathroom; ready to ‘plug in’ wherever the lucky auction winner wants to place it to make it their home.”

Over 70 Certified Builders, from all over Wellington, are contributing 700 volunteer hours between them to get the house built to the highest standard.


Ah, press releases: doing all the work so I don’t have to. However I’m not paid just to repeat the work of others so I gave Scott Lancaster, the Child Cancer Foundation’s Fundraising Manager (Central Region), a call.

The Professionals, Steve says, have a long association with the Foundation. Every March the four offices in the Central Region do some kind of fundraiser for them. They decided to do something extra this year, and the Charity House Build was born.


There’s to be an art auction on the same day also. These pieces were created by children at one of the Foundation’s regularly-held art days. So if you’re not quite in the mood to buy a house, come along and pick up a painting for a bit less.

The proceeds from both auctions “will stay in the Central Region,” says Scott, who then reeled off a whole host of projects these funds will help with. Beads of Hope. Scholarships for those kids who have had to miss a lot of school and need to catch up. Camps for siblings. And financial support for families in hardship. All great causes – click here for more details on what they do.


Open2view’s Wellington team is proud to be doing its bit. Nathan Sanders has been on site most days taking photos, which you can find on the official website and Facebook. Nathan is passionate about the fight against cancer; recently he had his head shaved as part of the Child Cancer Foundation’s Funrazor event.

Want to see the house for yourself? There’s an open home being held this Sunday, 10 November.

For more details on how you can contribute to this most worthy fundraiser, check out the FAQ section on the Charity Build’s website, or click here to contact the organisers.

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