Real estate marketing: why outsourcing to Open2view is win-win

outsourcing cartoon

We were quite pleased to find this article in our Twitter newsfeed recently:

“A majority of agents would consider outsourcing parts of their business, according to a recent survey.

In a recent Real Estate Business straw poll, 77 per cent of 152 respondents said they would consider outsourcing activities in their business.”

Not a bad sample size – and a big response in favour of outsourcing. And although it’s an Australian survey, the results make sense no matter what side of the Tasman you’re reading this on.

The CEO of Tradebusters – matchmakers for tradespeople and real estate agents – had this to say:

“[Agents are] overcoming initial fears or what in the past appeared to be the challenge of losing control. I think they’re overcoming and seeing how they can gain control and gain efficiency.”

“A lot more agents now understand how to outsource efficiently and how to do it right. They understand if you do it right it’s a real enabler and the benefits are huge in terms of listing opportunities and further growth.”

We couldn’t agree more. So where should an agent start, if they’re looking to maximise efficiency and get the best sales result?

We may be a teensy bit biased, but a good starting point would be the photography. Plenty of studies have shown that listings with great looking professional photos mean a higher price for the house. Good news, then, for both seller and agent.

Hiring an Open2view photographer means that the photography side is in the best of hands – giving you more time to do other important agency type stuff!

If you’re serious about getting even better bang for your buck, why not outsource a few more things our way? We also specialise in real estate video, floor plans, walkthrough tours, signboards, virtual tours, heaps really. Check out our Services page for all the info on what we can do.

One more quote about outsourcing from the article, this time from real estate agent Alexander Elmowy:

“It’s time saving and creates less hassle for me, and the less I’ve got to worry about certain things, I can be out there making money.”

A quick search shows a number of his workmates at Belle Property have embraced this philosophy and are using Open2view for their property marketing.

If you’re an agent, why not do the same and outsource to us today? Or if you’re looking to sell, let your agent know how Open2view can reduce their workload and, come sale time, get you all a better price.



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