Quest to be the world’s most liveable city….


This working week has been a short one for Aucklanders who celebrated the city’s Anniversary Day on Monday. Many escaped out of town for the long weekend, but for those who stuck around, there was definitely plenty to do in the City of Sails: Anniversary Day Regatta, International Buskers Festival, Seafood Festival, Laneway Music Festival, really, more festivals than you can shake a stick at.

Auckland residents also received a bit of reading material over the weekend. The February addition of ‘Our Auckland’, turned up in letterboxes across the city, complete with an intro ‘Letter From Len’ , who still seems to be smiling (although I have the feeling it’s probably an old picture they had on file).

A look at the monthly “What’s on in Auckland” guide shows jam-packed February, with event’s, shows and yes, plenty more festivals, but having exciting things to go to, isn’t what makes a city liveable. Good transport, affordable housing and job availability are what really matter and those are just some of the issues that the Council’s ‘Auckland Plan’ aims to tackle:


The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, is now in its final weeks to receive formal submissions.  It’s the rule book that will shape how the city grows and is an integral part of the overall Auckland Plan that will guide the region’s future over the next 30 years.

Some rules which relate to giving further protection to Auckland’s heritage and environment, have already been in effect since 30 September 2013, in the following three areas: Pre- 1944 buildings, Environmental Protection, & Cultural impact assessment.

Public can go to to view the e-plan, read local fact sheets and make a submission by 28 February 2014, before an independent panel will conduct hearings on the formal submissions.

If you’re a visual person, here’s a little video explaining the plan with some fancy graphics:

Anyone who owns a property in Auckland, or is thinking about entering the Auckland property market, really needs to take a look at how the Unitary Plan rules could potentially affect their property. Here is one of the tools online to help you Find out what rules apply to your property.

So, grand plans for a liveable city in 30 years, but what about right now?

The Auckland Economic Quarterly, the newsletter from the Council’s Chief Economist Geoff Cooper, was released today, claiming that it’s the best outlook for Auckland in 7 years. The housing market remains the key driver of growth and hopefully, will continue to be, with the council establishing 11 more Special Housing Areas (SHAs). While it seems to be a positive step forward, it’s likely that we’re still a long way off seeing any significant changes to Auckland’s housing availability or affordability.

Do you know if, or how, the Proposed Unitary Plan will effect your property? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, or get in touch with us on our facebook page.

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