Photos: The changing face of a City….

I’m a born and bred Aucklander (but don’t hold that against me!). I’ve travelled a bit overseas and visited many places in New Zealand, but it was 2010 before I managed to make my way to Christchurch. I had a fantastic time. A fun long weekend in the city. Now, my only wish being that my visit was longer. I consider myself lucky, even though it was all too brief, that I got to see and experience Christchurch pre-earthquake.

Like so many others around the country, I sat watching with a feeling of total helplessness and disbelief at the images that were broadcast out to us three years ago. I couldn’t for the life of me see how the city would ever recover….but I’m sure glad it is.

As we approached the anniversary of the February Earthquake that caused so much destruction, we wanted to be able to reflect and commemorate in a positive way.

Taking some inspiration from the ‘Day in the Life’ post we did last year, I asked our team of Christchurch photographers if they would send in photos of their favourite places, buildings and views, new or old, from around the city.

Now we would like to share them with you:

“The stark contrast between the demolition and the new and novel use of resources to start the rebuild of Christchurch is very dramatic.” Paul Willets, Open2View Christchurch South

It’s truly amazing to see the creativity, colour and art in what is emerging and taking shape from the expanse of area that has been demolished within the city.

Christchurch, I can’t wait to visit you again soon….

A very big thank you to our Open2view photographers in Christchurch for their time.

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