Guest post: Create emotional engagement with Open2view Interactive Floorplans.

Thanks to Angela Spackman from our Sydney Area Franchise for the following post and Q&A:


Engaged and motivated buyers are what every agent wants come auction day. At Open2view we know just how to create that extra level of excitement and give our agents the competitive edge. We’d call it our secret weapon except it’s really no secret; for us it’s just the basics.

To give your potential buyers a good feel for a place they need a proper look around. Every Open2view customer receives the required number of photographs and an interactive floorplan of their property. We don’t think five photos and a simple 2D floor plan are going to do the trick when it comes to telling a property’s story. We’ll make sure you have as many photos of the property as you need to capture all the special details and unique selling points.


With a few simple clicks of the mouse your buyer has an interactive experience which allows them to feel informed and excited about a property. The enthusiasm will build when they visit the property and will continue to do so once they get back to their computer for another tour.


Thanks to our quality online content, buyers can spend the time between first viewing and auction day really falling in love with a property.  By the time you get to the big day they’ve virtually examined their new home from every angle, they know it inside out and they’ve already decided exactly how their personal belongings fit with the floor plan. In their mind’s eye they’re already living there.

At Open2view we aim to help our agents market each property to its full potential. We offer superior service simply by getting the basics right. Photography with interactive floorplans are just the start.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE to find out more about Interactive Floorplans and the many other Real Estate marketing services that we offer.


Angela has been with Open2view since 2007. Her Sydney Area franchise covers the CBD, Eastern Suburbs and some of the Inner West.

Q. What led you into real estate photography?
A. Photography has always been my hobby. After moving to Australia and having my first child I wanted to work for myself to give me the flexibility to look after my daughter. I knew of Open2view because I come from NZ and I was having dinner with friends saying I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure what, they had just had their house photographed by an Open2view photographer who was telling them that they are now selling franchises in Australia, so we filled out the online application over dinner!

Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. I love getting to be out and about during the day. I love the variety and all the different forms that real estate comes in. I love the flexibility to be able to attend my kids events and be there when they need me.


Q. Apart from real estate, what else do you like to photograph? Any hobbies?
A. Well I have 2 small kids who have grandparents that live in a different country so I am always photographing them to keep the family up to date with their growing faces, plus I think they are pretty great so love taking their photo! My other great interest is Hypnotherapy and I am now a qualified Hypnotherapist. I have used it personally to make great changes in my life and love helping other people achieve the same!

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