Put your own stamp on a piece of postal history…

Everyday at Open2view, we get to shoot many different properties all over New Zealand & Australia. You can always find a property that has something a little unique and interesting about it.

However, it’s not that often we get three historic post offices up for sale! For anyone who’s ever wanted a place with a little bit of character, these properties may just be what you’re after….

The Hunterville Post Office
10 Bruce Street, Hunterville, Rangitikei

hunterville_frontView Photo Tour on Open2view.com

Currently operating as a Bed & Breakfast, this heritage listed building served as the Post Office for the Hunterville community for over 80 years and was associated with the development of the town and it’s surrounding area until May 1989 when it was closed and sold to the present owner.

Constructed in 1902-03, the post office is a fine example of the Edwardian Baroque style that was favoured by the Government Architect John T. Campbell who designed the building. Some of Campbell’s better known designs include Wellington’s Public Trust Building (1905-1909) and the Auckland Chief Post Office (1911) and also our next building…

The Eltham Post Office
45 Bridge Street, Eltham

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One of the most iconic buildings in Taranaki, The Eltham Post Office is currently used as a commercial space and residence.

With a number of improvements and restorations underway or already completed, the opportunity is waiting for a new owner to put their stamp on it (pun intended).

Another design from Government Architect JT Campbell, the two storey brick building was built in July 1904 and opened for business on 12 September 1904.

The bricks used were supplied by H Graves of the Steam Brick Works in Patea, which funnily enough, takes us to our third Post Office….

The Old Post Office
40 Stafford Street , Patea
Patea Post Office

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In November 1867, the present township of Patea was surveyed, and a site was reserved for a Post Office. The building in which the Post Office and Telegraph Office were combined in 1870, was enlarged from time to time over the next ten years.

In 1879-80 the building in use up to 1923 was erected, the old one being shifted further down the section and converted into a Postmasters residence.

The present building was opened in October 1923. When first built, the Post Office building was described as ‘handsome’. It still is.

Not built to face the main street, but instead it faces Stafford Street, the entrance is set at the corner of the two streets, originally designed with a view to assisting the staff and public, but also offers spectacular sea and rural views from the top floor.

Now in private ownership and used for residential purposes, the building offers such unique spaces and features, my favourite….the pillars!


Which is your favourite? Have you converted or renovated something similar? Let us know. Get in touch and show us some pics on our facebook pages:



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