Pinterest: The perfect place for property pictures.

How many of you have heard of Pinterest?

Those with long memories may recall  a few words we wrote about Pinterest back in May 2012. It was full of interesting facts: fastest site to hit ten million monthly visitors, 21 percent of members had bought something seen on Pinterest, that kind of thing.

How’s Pinterest looking almost 2 years on? Still pretty amazing, actually. Pinterest now has over 70 million users. Even better, it drives more referral traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. And the average orders, usually for home-related goods, are for between $140-180 each, compared to $60 and $80 on Twitter and Facebook.

Open2view on Pinterest

People are clearly spending a lot of time and money on Pinterest. Here at Open2view, we decided to up the ante a little. Could we get someone to place an order worth, say, at least $500,000 through Pinterest? Not just to furnish a home, but to buy an actual home?

It’s not all that far fetched. Real estate, after all, is a very visual product. People can fall in love with a house – or be completely put off – in about 20 seconds. It therefore made sense to go play Cupid on the most visual, and fastest growing, social site there is.

So out came the virtual scissors and glue, and so far we have over 300 pins across 21 Boards on our Open2view New Zealand Pinterest page and have just launched Open2view Australia on Pinterest.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find on our pages:

Property of the week – recently added properties that have caught our eye.

Fantastic first homes – properties perfect for first home buyers.

Beautiful bathrooms – self explanatory. We also have equally alliterative boards for other rooms.

Houses by twilight – Open2view’s night shots can be pretty spectacular.

Animal photography – we believe that if you must shoot an animal, it ought to be with a wide angle lens.

Man Caves – also known as garages, sheds and games rooms.

Not our photos – a bunch of awful, awful photos that quite clearly were not taken by us.

Best Views Ever Open2view on Pinterest

A sneak preview of one of our Pinboards.

Another Pinterest feature we love is the ability to see what others are pinning from our site. We often check out to see what photos of ours are grabbing others’ attention. You can see what’s being shared from your site by replacing our website in that URL with yours.

Now then, what if you see something on our website that you just have to share? Easy as: press the button that says ‘Pin it’, pick what photo grabs you the most and pin it to one of your boards. If Pinterest users want to see where it came from, all they have to do is click the photo and it’ll take them to our listing. Brilliant.

Pinterest prompt on Open2view

Not too long ago Pinterest teamed up with another social media app Foursquare, to add a brand new feature called ‘Place Pins’. Aimed primarily at those pinners who use Pinterest to plot their holidays, they also make it easy for our audience to find houses in their region to look at. What’s holding it back from being totally ideal is the inability to pin in places not marked by Foursquare; if they don’t have it, you can’t pin it. Luckily you can search by region, district and suburb via our website’s comprehensive search engine anyway.
Pinterest Map

So back to my earlier question: can we use Pinterest to sell an Open2view house? Well – and here’s the biggest anticlimax of my 120 blog posts – we don’t know yet. But! Pinterest is an extremely visual site, which fits perfectly with what we do – stunning real estate photography. And with it being a huge referrer of traffic it would be silly for us not to be there.

And if you’re there too, why not say hi and share your favourite real estate photos with us. If you’re already on Facebook and are feeling lazy, you can see our pins there too via our Pinterest app. Social media is nothing, if not super convenient.

Open2view New Zealand Pinterest Page

Open2view Australia Pinterest Page

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