A total immersion, viewing experience….

The rise of internet technology has had a huge impact on our everyday lives. Have a think about how many tasks and activities are now done online that previously weren’t possible. We shop online for clothes, music, groceries. Transfer money and pay bills online (when was the last time you physically went to the bank?)

The development and improvement of all these technologies has without a doubt, made us more efficient at getting things done. It’s arguably made us a lot busier, as we strive to get even more things done. Along with that, comes the expectation that things need to happen instantly. We expect to be able to access information from anywhere at anytime of the day.

This is true for today’s property buyer. Many just don’t have the time to view every potential property in person. With time a precious commodity, decisions are often made before a foot has even been placed through the Open-Home door.

How do we give buyers what they want? By creating an interactive, online experience that’s the next best thing to actually being there. A 360° Virtual Tour.

As the names suggests, it’s a 360° view of an interior or exterior of a property, captured in high definition and seamlessly linked together to give a smooth viewing experience, allowing the viewer to be fully immersed in the surroundings, without actually having to physically be there.

Take a look at this stunning example on our site, featuring interior and multiple exterior views: Click to view Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour You can find out more about our Virtual Tours on our Services Page. Agents, contact an Open2view photographer if you’re ready to take your property listing to the next level!

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