Trick or Treat?


When it comes to Halloween, if find that people fall into two categories. ‘Love It’ or Hate it’. I myself, fall into the latter. Partly because Halloween has never been a huge deal where I live and partly because as a child, I was never allowed to go trick-or-treating, so I tend to harbor a bit of resentment against anyone who gets to have fun around this time…

The reality is, I usually cower in my living room, pretending not to be home when trick-or-treaters come knocking on the door. (I have a very long, steep driveway, so trick’s on them!)

This year however, I feel like I shouldn’t be a total grinch and that I should make some sort of neighborly effort, for some reason.

So I’ve been trying to decide how I can decorate my house, with very little effort, because a) Carving pumpkins is dangerous. b) I’m lazy.

Here are some goodies i found:

Giant Spider Invasion


Okay, a little bit of effort to make them, but a completely terrifying result!

Spooky Glowing Eyes

spookyeyeThis is probably more within my capabilities. All I need are some toilet rolls & glow sticks

Hanging Bats


Martha Stewart can show me how to turn my porch into a bat-cave!

Bloody Hand Print


This bloody hand print technique will give a lovely effect on any window of your house. (Hopefully without traumatising the local kiddies too much)

Window Silhouettes
Hello-Halloween-Silhouette-Windows possibilities are endless…

Monster Doors…




Here is how this one was created!

And now for my favourite DIY decoration….

Giant eyeballs in a tree 


Pure genius. It should be mandatory to have these in every tree, all the time!

Whether, you love or hate halloween, there’s certainly no harm in having a little bit of fun!

If you’re decorating your house, or heading off to trick-or-treat tomorrow night, share a pic with us on our facebook page.

Happy Halloween!



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