Kerb appeal: 4 most desirable features

kerb appeal

Ten seconds. That’s the time house hunters take to decide if they like a property – just a quick glance up and down from the street.

A third of buyers in new research said they wouldn’t even venture inside if they were unimpressed with a home’s exterior. But more than half of the surveyed homeowners said they would buy a property that looked appealing on the outside even if the interior needed extensive renovation.

That lawn you’ve been neglecting or that rusty old garden furniture you’ve been meaning to chuck out? Probably a good idea to mow the lawn and ditch the tired garden accessories to give the outside of your house a bit of a spruce-up before putting it on the market.

There’s not a whole lot you can do if you’re surrounded by some more shabby, less chic neighbouring properties. But if the bloke next door has a front yard that doesn’t look like it’s seen a lawn mower this side of the millennium, you could always offer to give it a quick tidy. Or, if the extent of your interaction has been little more than a grunt in passing since you moved in, maybe just cut your losses and hope potential buyers are after bush views.

With house hunters trawling through hundreds of property listings online, a good exterior photo is paramount.

First impressions count.

The kerb appeal features voted most desirable:

1. A well-manicured garden
manicured lawn

2. A parking space
parking space

3. Appealing looking neighbouring houses

4. Neighbours having well-manicured gardens
neighbour lawn

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