About Open2view

Open2view is a highly affordable on-line Internet based marketing service that is dedicated to presenting any property at its best, every hour of every day, to the greatest number of potential buyers possible.

Our services include:
Interactive floorplans
High Definition videos
Virtual tours
and more!

Real estate professionals usually recommend our service to their clients because they know the value Open2view represents in helping them to secure a quality result. Our network of professional real estate photographers know how to show any property at its best.

Open2view works directly with professional real estate agents and delivers what is widely regarded to be the most user friendly real estate website available.

Learn more about how we can help you at services.open2view.com and check out our listings at www.nz.open2view.com.

Through our blog we aim to provide the latest and most interesting updates on the real estate market, photography, and anything else that captures our eye.