All in a day’s work..

profilepicIt’s not everyday that you get to dangle 35 meters in the air from a crane. But for Open2view photographer Grant Drummond, it’s just another day at the office.

Grant covers the busy Auckland central area, but took some time out to do a little bit of a Q & A for us, about some of the challenges and highlights of the job, as well as sharing some pics from his recent travels…

Q. How did you get started in real estate photography? | What was your career path?

Before this I managed an apartment building. I was looking for a business and this looked ideal. My technical knowledge of photography was limited but I was confident I had an eye for composition.

Q. Shooting properties in central Auckland must have it’s challenges, but what do you enjoy most about it?

There’s so much variety. St Heliers mansions to shoebox apartments and everything in between. Sometimes I get more satisfaction from making a mediocre place look good than making a beautiful house look great.

Q. What’s the most challenging shoot / photo of a property you’ve had to take?

I was hoisted by a crane to take some ‘view’ shots for a ‘to-be-built’ apartment building. I had to use the camera one-handed at 35m as I wasn’t letting go of the ‘basket’.



Q. (Apart from your camera) what piece of technology could you not live without when you’re working.

Q. In your opinion, what makes a good real estate picture stand out from the rest?
Excellent use of lighting (though I look at the Property Press a bit differently than the average reader).

Apart from real-estate… what other types of photography do you enjoy?
Travel photography, random scenes from the street (though I mostly use my i-phone for these).

You’ve recently been travelling. Where to? What was the highlight?
Brazil. Getting to some World Cup games. Some of the street parties were pretty good too.

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Finally, (very important question)….who’s your favourite to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

When I read the question yesterday I was going to say Argentina. After (the first semi-final) it’s hard to look past Germany.

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Cheers Grant! Guess we’ll find out on Monday who’s going to take it out.

Follow this link to view Grant’s portfolio and get in touch about the Open2view services available.

O2V Q & A: Chris Pringle on cricket past, present and future

Chris Pringle

Chris Pringle in full flight with the ball.

Cricket fans will fondly remember Chris Pringle and his exploits – from his unusual 1990 debut against England, to that brilliant maiden over against Australia (which sent at least one child running around his house screaming in joy) and many other great performances for the team then known as the ‘Young Guns’.

After 64 One Day Internationals and 14 Tests, Chris moved to the Netherlands where he played out the remainder of his cricket career. It was here where he met his wife and where his two children were born. His ten year old son, Tim, already has a hat-trick to his name, proving bowling is well and truly in the Pringle DNA.

In 2004 Chris entered the equally competitive world of real estate. RE/MAX Cross Country Tauranga are regular users of Open2view’s services and understand the power of professional photos when selling houses.

Really, though, what you want to know is about the cricket. We recently asked Chris about how we can beat England, the future face of New Zealand cricket, and how he would have fared in the modern era.

chris-pringle autobiography

All zinced up and raring to go.

All right, share your secret – how do we beat England? How do you rate our chances in the various formats?

I am sure we will be competitive in the short forms of the game.

Our ability to beat England in the test matches will rely heavily on swinging the ball & building long partnerships.

Who among the Black Caps do you see as potential standouts in this series and beyond?

I have big wraps on Kane Williamson. He has an incredible work ethic. I am sure he will captain New Zealand for many years and be our greatest batsman.

You started your career against England in rather remarkable circumstances, could you tell us about that?

My career started in an unorthodox manner.

I was in England playing league cricket when the New Zealand team were touring there. I went to Headingley to get some tickets for the game. I saw the team bus arriving as I did. The team was full of injuries. 24 hours later I was opening the bowling for New Zealand…

We’ve had (to put it mildly) some difficult times in New Zealand cricket lately: if you were the boss how would you go about fixing things?

If I was running New Zealand cricket I would pouring as much money into kids between 8 and 12 as possible.

Cricket is a huge muscle memory and awareness game, and all the habits are learnt at that age. Learning bad habits are very hard to rid.

How do you think you’d have done had Twenty/20 been around when you were playing?

As I was more successful at the short version of the game, I think T20 would have been right up my alley.

 Chris Pringle RE:MAX

Chris Pringle in full flight selling houses.

What inspired you to make the move into real estate?

I chose to move into real estate because of the desire to work for myself.

Finally, what is it about Open2view that keeps you using us?

Open2view photos properties extremely well. This is vital for successful salespeople who are trying to get the best price in the shortest period of time.

Check out Chris Pringle’s Cricinfo profile and stats as well as his Open2view profile (which is a bit more real estate focused). Finally, take a trip back to cricket’s golden days and watch his last over heroics against Australia’s Bruce Reid – skip to 5:15 in for the gripping climax.