Photos: 20 Of Our Favourite Views

Whether it’s captivating cityscapes or breathtaking vistas, Open2view’s photographers get to work among the best views in New Zealand and Australia.

A great view can really make a property. It’s little wonder the owners of a Wellington apartment, whose sweeping harbour views were blocked by a four-metre-high wooden fence, took the matter to court. They won the battle and were awarded $72,500 this week.

With that in mind, we asked our talented team of photographers to show us some of the best views they’ve spotted from the decks, windows, gardens and skies of the properties they photograph.

Take a look at the stunning results in the gallery below.

Imagine having those views from your “office”? Well you could! Find out more about our franchise opportunities across New Zealand and Australia.

Where do you think the best views can be found in New Zealand and Australia? Let us know in the comments below or on our NZ and AU Facebook pages.


Local Body Elections: Tauranga candidates on housing


It’s that time of the electoral cycle where you get a big fat envelope in the mail, with short blurbs about hundreds of people trying to win your vote for everything from the Mayoral office to the local licensing trust.

Who on earth should you vote for? We decided to help you make an informed decision – at least, in an area we are quite passionate about.

We asked Tauranga’s mayoral candidates for their views on the pressing housing issues in their city, ranging from home affordability to whether Auckland’s influence has been positive for the region. We thank them very much for their replies, and should the others get in touch we’ll update this post accordingly.

To ensure accuracy we’ve presented all answers in unabridged form. Enjoy, and hopefully this will help you in your difficult decision-making. Make sure you vote!

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…also specialising in animal photography

While your humble blogger slaves away in his (admittedly pretty sweet) office, the real fun is had out in the field by our Open2view photographers. It’s not every day of course that they get to visit and photograph an animal park – but that’s what our lucky Bay of Plenty/Waikato photographer Alta got to do recently!

Marshalls Animal Park just outside Tauranga is, according to their website, “35 acres of friendly animals and fun.” It is indeed host to a friendly and eclectic line up of critters including Tibetan yaks, five kinds of deer, Shetland ponies, llamas, shire horses and chinchillas.

And it could be all yours; after 20 years the owners are thinking of having a well-deserved break and are taking expressions of interest right now.

Alta – who you can also follow on Twitter – clearly had a ball taking these photos. Enjoy them (and check out the listing on our website) while I go work out what exactly a chinchilla is.