Photos: 20 Of Our Favourite Views

Whether it’s captivating cityscapes or breathtaking vistas, Open2view’s photographers get to work among the best views in New Zealand and Australia.

A great view can really make a property. It’s little wonder the owners of a Wellington apartment, whose sweeping harbour views were blocked by a four-metre-high wooden fence, took the matter to court. They won the battle and were awarded $72,500 this week.

With that in mind, we asked our talented team of photographers to show us some of the best views they’ve spotted from the decks, windows, gardens and skies of the properties they photograph.

Take a look at the stunning results in the gallery below.

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Guest post: A Scottish Baronial castle in VIC


The following is a guest post from Dave Temple of Open2view Mornington Peninsula. Thanks, Dave!

The setup

“I’ve got a video for you,” said Annette – our fantastic photographer who works the Dromana area on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. “Roger (the agent) says it’s a good one.”

Being the cynical type, I’ll admit I didn’t know whether ‘a good one’ was going to be a palace, or a renovator’s dream that would require some hard graft and creativity to display in a positive light. Nevertheless, I called Roger – from Roger McMillan Real Estate in Dromana – and asked for the property’s address and details.

“Its 200 and something Gwenmarlin Road,” said Roger. “I can’t remember the exact number, but you won’t be able to miss it.  It’s a castle.  Like a proper Scottish Baronial Castle.”

I’m always a little nervous when someone says that I couldn’t possibly miss something, but as I arrived in Gwenmarlin Road, put the car in 4 wheel drive to negotiate the dusty, winding track and kept my eyes peeled for a thing I was going to try not to miss, I had one of those great moments as a real estate photographer.

Every job that is booked, you will inevitably arrive in a road and see “that house,” the one that makes you go “oh, I hope it’s that one I’m shooting”. As 217 Gwenmarlin Road appeared in front of me – bluestone turret and all – I realised that I was in fact going to be shooting video in the best house in the road.

The shoot


Annette arrived shortly after and we settled down to our routine.

With a property on 50 acres, we decided to get the house photographed and videoed first before moving on to the expansive grounds.

For those with a technical interest, Annette uses a full frame DSLR Canon 5Dmkiii and 17-40mm lens with portable studio flash for her photography, while I was using a crop sensor Canon 7D with an 18-135mm lens for the video.

I’ve done a good few videos now, and I find that although the variation in the lens comes at the slight cost of quality (only visible if you’re a camera nerd), the payoff comes with the variety of shots you can get from a single lens. With an interior, exterior, view shots, close ups and kangaroos to capture this seemed like a good choice.


Ah yes, the kangaroos! I think inside every real estate photographer is a National Geographic photographer waiting to emerge. While Annette and I were taken around the extensive grounds by the owner, we soon got stuck into the essential task of taking as much imagery of the local wildlife as possible. So much so in my case (to my embarrassment), that I actually ran out of battery halfway around the estate!

I do now know however, that if I was in fact a wildlife photographer, I would definitely be killed almost immediately by something with big teeth, since I was so entranced by the actual animals that I found myself not taking much notice of the fact that a group of them had us surrounded. Luckily for us, a handy jog back to the 4×4 got us out of trouble.


Since this was a twilight shoot, my work with the video was completed early and I could therefore have left Annette to complete the job alone. However, while we do a lot of real estate work on the Mornington Peninsula, there aren’t too many castles around, so I decided to stay the course and join the fun.

You can see from the photos that Mother Nature treated us to a decent sunset that night and the exterior lighting in the castle gave us some great images. With twilight photography its 20% technique and 80% timing.


The extras

As part of the video, I captured some of the local sights of Flinders on a particularly pretty (but windy) spring morning. The owners at the Flinders Golf Course allowed me access to capture video on their course, and I took so much video of the jetty and boat harbour that I decided to make a special companion video of the area – just for fun and in case National Geographic ever do call.

With Annette providing the quality images as part of our 24hour turnaround, and the video completed, Roger McMillan and his vendors now have a great marketing package to advertise this unique property all over Australia and the world.

So if you are in the market for a Scottish Baronial Castle, complete with a mob of kangaroos, a dam and views of the surrounding countryside, national park and coastline, check our website for the full lowdown.

Dave Temple is the Open2view Area Franchisee of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  He has been twice awarded ‘Most Valuable Franchisee’ (NSW & VIC).

Annette Jolley is the Open2view Photography for the Central Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Annette was recently awarded ‘Most Improved Photographer’ in Victoria.

Further work from the Peninsula team can be viewed on their Facebook page at